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For many of the reasons above, this is why I've used both voltage and capacity when running telemetry. Capacity is a good metric to establish a baseline cut, assuming a good pack that hasn't lost a non trivial portion of storage. Voltage is in place to monitor for any significant dips (could be a pack, could be a connector failing. Either way it means land).

The idea being, as extra pointed out, the heli doesn't know how much energy went into the pack. Voltage will give you a definitive cut off if set right, but you risk running your packs into the dirt (as noted by Thunder and BrainDev).

Ideally, you need to keep an eye on your packs when charging/cycling them. A laptop knows the wear on a pack because it knows how much it put back in from a certain voltage on the charge cycle. Running capacity alarms, you need to be aware of what 80% used really is.When new, it could be 2800mAh or something, but a hard year later, maybe only 2300.
That said, when I've had packs drop off that much, their IR has skyrocketed and they sag even with capacity left. Time to get new packs.

I'd like to think most people running Ah telem aren't sticking alarms at 80% of labeled cap and just leaving them there.
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