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Got it all sorted out now - I think. I did lower the main shaft by removing that collar and using the machined, fixed collar on the shaft instead. That allowed me to use the stock (false) turnbuckles, though they still gave me about -4 degrees pitch when I should have gotten zero. But all I'm interested at this point is relative changes, namely +/- 9 degrees collective pitch and +/- 8 degrees cyclic. So I just zeroed my pitch gauge at whatever it read at mid stick (50%, or supposedly 0 pitch), and set the collective and cyclic limits in the BeastX.
Then I raised the shaft to its nominal height by installing the removable collar, shortened the servo linkages by 2 or 3 millimeters, leveled the swash, and installed the mechanics in the fuselage. Now I have no more binding at simultaneous full collective and full cyclic inputs, and I can even go full negative (-9 degrees) collective and simultaneous full cyclic, and there's still a tiny gap between the swash driver and the swash! So, at my -2 degrees pitch it's certainly no problem at all anymore. Re-calibrating the limits in the BeastX was the key to success, and I have to thank Rodan for raising doubts about my claim of equal geometries.
Now I just need to order longer turnbuckles, 53mm rods instead of the stock 42mm.
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