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OK, I think I've got it.

I made macrocell 27 a mixer and mixed the option 3 switch with the FC ESC (even though it is nitro). I adjusted the percentage values, paying careful attention to positive and negative values, so that any value less than -100 would be the desired amount.

The value from macrocell 27 reports to macrocell 6 which is the aux 1 port on the Neo. This macrocell was programed as a trigger with a threashold of -100. The output was reversed via the pos and neg values on the output.

Seems to work, the glow will activate whenever the switch is activated and the throttle stick is below about a quarter stick or hold is activated. I am a little concerned about undesired actions I have not thought about but I think the only undesirable output would be that the glow activates when I don't want it on. If I leave the glow switch (Opt 3 sw) on, which I sometimes have by accident, the glow will activate whenever the gov or throttle is below about 25%.
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