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not much action here in a while...

i just weight my copterx meets trex 250 dfc and its a shocking 365g with nanotech 850mah battery.

granted i did paint the canopy with probably far to many layers of paint.

what are we doing to get to 300g. I think i can get close with the 7.5g servos , i dont crash often but guarenteed ill strip a servo by the sounds of it.

currently i have turnigy tgy-213c servos on the cyclic which have survived 3 crashes now, 2 of them bad.

turnigy 306-hv on the tail .

These are heavy, 16g for cyclic and 21g for tail. theres i think a 25.5g weight saving just by changing the cyclics and 13.5 with the tail. for a total of 39g saving.

That would get me down to 326g.

Im already running a 3g satalite instead of a full RX. and a bar with the top half of the case removed.

How much weight saving is there with a plastic canopy??

Also i want to change to a talon 15 ESC which will save at a guess maybe 5g.

Im not sure what the copterx motor weighs.

My 250 does feel quite heavy in the air. Im not quite at 100% on the esc ill get about 5 minutes doing mild flying with some very mild 3d (just flips and rolls). With 13 degrees pitch feel im using more collective because of the weight.

running 15 tooth pinion at the moment so also considering going to 16t.

Cant see anywhere else to shave of weight.
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