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The A. There is no B, L or R
If it was 30 Frame losses (F), it would not have survived.

The Receiver voltage is 0.0v.

That sensor is built into the SPM4640T and does not come from the Brain or the ESC.

There is a 2nd port on the SPM4649T that is labled "Laps/ V Bat" and it come with a pig-tail (red / black wires) that can be used to monitor the flight pack voltage.

Neither of these sensors is enabled with the current version of the SPM4649T firmware.
The receiver is not capable of reading receiver voltage, but it is capable of reading VBat and it does do it in the current firmware. Since the VBat port is multipurpose, there is an autodetect at start up to choose between Laps or Vbat. If it detects a voltage over 4V, then it will go into Vbat mode, otherwise it wont, so you have to make sure your battery voltage is connected to it when its powered on, not afterwards. The vbatt port can handle 2s to 6s.
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