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OK, thanks, I'll get those washers then. There is no rush as I just had another setback. I had bought two sets of DT 600mm blades a while ago with this build in mind, and I even asked for the two sets to be matched by weight if possible. Well, each set is nearly perfectly balanced, but the two sets don't match at all to each other. I haven't put them on a scale yet as the battery on my digital scale turned out to be dead, but one set is noticeably heavier when I balance it against the other one. What's even worse, the center of gravity of the heavier set is about 5mm closer to the blade root than on the other set. This means I need a lot of tape on the lighter blade near the blade root to move its COG further in by those 5mm, and then even more at the COG to match weights.
I tried some packaging tape, but even 25cm was by far not enough. Is there a heavier tape around, or something totally different that I could try (I'll certainly want to paint those blades eventually anyway), or should I just give up on these and get a matched 3-blade set of Spinblades? I was planning on using symmetrical blades, though, but that probably wasn't such a great idea because there are not matched sets...
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