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There are blade sets available for three blade heads. All are weighted and balanced as a set. I know Rotor Tech makes three blade semi-symmetrical sets and SAB, Rotor Tech, Switch, and NHP make three blade symmetrical sets. Also, Spin Blades make both symmetrical and semi-symmetrical three blade sets for 3D and for sport. Unless I personally know the fellow saying he will match the sets, I would only buy balanced sets today. There is too much time spent trying to find matching sets in two blade packages as my friend at Leisure Tech will verify. The weights have got to be within .5 grams of each set and then it becomes fairly easy to balance them. Mine are balanced to .1 grams or less of each other by static balancing. So far, I have found that I have not had to dynamically balance any sets so far but that does not mean that I'll get away with that forever. I would not bother with those blades, sorry to say. Put them aside for other two blade helicopters or a four blade head project. They will work there as two balanced sets as long as you number them to keep them from getting mixed up. Take care and good luck.

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