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While I think your explanation helps a lot, I think that what some people fail to remember is that sometimes we're referring to percentages and at other times we're referring to values. The throttle stick range goes from a "value" of -100 to a "value" of +100; but in terms of percentages this range is from 0% to 100%. In my case I have to be careful that I'm referring to the correct term value vs percentage. Also, I've found that some manuals (like the Microbeast plus user manual) provides some tables for setting up the governor and it's not quite clear to which term (value/percentage) they're referring (or inferring). It becomes difficult when one switches back and forth. For grins I setup a new heli model, input your FM 1/2 settings, Gov settings and Mix 1/2 settings and then went over to my monitor screen and noted the results as I switched between the two flight modes and gov switch positions. What I get on the monitor screen are 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50 (%'s) - not the 100, 95...75% that you indicate. So, where am I going wrong? For the Mix 1 setup I selected FM2 and for the Mix 2 setup I selected FM1. The Throttle Curves are set to FM 1 = 85% and FM 2 = 100%. Can you help me understand the apparent discrepancy?
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