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Originally Posted by ktmdiesel View Post
I wonder if you could practice these with training gear on, I want to learn how but am scared. I didn't realize they come down so fast I thought it was slower in the simulator. Or do you lose to much head speed going slower?

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Training gear, if secured properly shouldn't cause an issue. Big helis (550 and above) don't come down that fast, but 450's really do come down quickly and there's nothing you can do about that.

The real answer is that large helis - like a 700 are the easiest platform to learn on - since they just float for ages. Also, with a proper ESC, you can set auto-rotation bailout so that you can practice the auto from up high, and re-engage the motor at about 15 feet before the deck.

That all said, I did my first auto on a 450X - but I trained a lot on realflight 7 (phoenix is rubbish for autos IMO - too easy!) and at that point, the 450X was my real "basher" heli - I already had two 700's and 550's so I was prepared to sacrifice the 450 a bit. As it turned out, it auto'ed OK - but as you noted, FAST!
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