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Well, looking at the board, it appears that no one has any interest in the nitro truck play in a couple of years. NOT!! I do. So I guess it`s gona be up to me to just maybe stir up a little.
Yes,..I do fly helis and like them a lot,; to a point that I own several Blade 450`s and 300 x`s that I have customized out and just wreak havoc with them.
But there comes a time when it just makes since to put down the DX6i and pick up a radio with a "steering" wheel and go terrorize the neighbors ,cat ,kids or whom ever may be in the line of fire.
A little about me..been on the Freak forum for many years...I`m in the old farts club...yeah..60 this year...but, I play hard like the kids do except with higher priced toys.
I just love the smell of nitro burning as my trucks go blasting past at all but incredible speeds. The light blue haze of smoke telling me that all is well.. And last but not least....the loud noise of the exhaust as they scream into the distance.
All well and good..but I lack sharing all the knowledge that I have acquired over the years of racing,bashing and just having a great time with these little money pits,
All of my trucks are upgraded. Some with special transmissions , rear ends, steering and most of all HUGH ENGINES!!
I have tried so many different combo`s that now, all of them are dialed in where I want `em , and all do or are set up for different usages.

So, if you want to just shoot the [email protected]% or go over some kind of problem....look me up here or p.m. me anytime...I`ll be checking back regularly to see whats up,

Till then.. Happy Motoring , Flying, or whatever makes you get out there and have fun.

Mr. D 4511
or as the wife calls me...Steve....dinners ready !!
Paper Money + Heli`s = Loose Change !!
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