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First report:

1) The software interface is really small on my Surface. I had to increase the screen display to 300% to make it visible to my poor eyes.(normal recommended by Window for the Surface is 200%). It will be nice when as promised in a futur update you can do the programming from the Jeti Tx.

2) I love it other than that.

The one great thing which was my main reason for trying these was the ability to set zero degree deflection exactly anywhere you want it to be AND retain full servo deflection both side without any subtrim.

You can also program the range as you like it, so if you need 60 degree just input 60 degrees if you need 200 degrees input it too.

As in a lot of other software when you make a change you have to save it but contrary to a lot of them as soon as you make a change the save button start to blink to remind you to save it or to warn you that you did make a change. A very nice touch.

Got to go look for a new house so more report will follow once I plug them into my Jeti Tx.

They have soft start
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