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Default RCHN5 Registration is Live - September 14-17, 2017!

Sup dudes!

Registration is now live for the Fifth Annual RC Heli Nation Fun Fly (RCHN5)! We'll be having one hell of a time from September 14-17 this year in Dayton OR again, so make your plans and get registered!

There will be plenty of the usual fun events to participate in and we'll even have an MHSFA Speed Cup and Shawn Hempel's 3DTrials for a true grass-roots competition exeperience!

As always, if anyone needs help getting their stuff here from afar, please let me know and we'll work something out or let's use this thread to coordinate various efforts to help people out.

I can't wait already! Who's planning on coming?

- Justin


Event Description:
This year, we're celebrating our half-decade anniversary of the RC Heli Nation fun fly, but we're gonna party like it's the full-ass decade!

Come to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for four days of heli nirvana and make sure you're ready for this's unlike any other event you've been to!

Be sure to sign up for the many competitions and contests that we'll be hosting such as the MHSFA Speed Cup and the Pacific Northwest 3D Trials. Remember that there's over 2000 feet of flight line, construction light night flying, and even a food vendor.

So, come check it out and see what everyone's been talking about... See you in September!
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