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Default I finally managed to tell It what to do 😀

Hurrah finally got this little heli dialed in.
I purchased it second hand obviously a month or so ago and have had the turning issues everyone talked about ( back in the day)
This sweet little bird is nearly fully blinged out with rakon/mh swash, grips, hub and came with a rakon tail boom motor mount as well

First time I hovered it I was really impressed how it glided as if on ice back and forth across my little living room... Wow no annoying Msr pendulum swing but hang on a second, rudder turn = HOLY **** smash....
I was used to the msr doing this but on a much less violent manner " the msr tries to mix it out for piros but even so mine always scooted along happily on a right rudder turn with no cyclic and slid out on a lefty"

So I've been playing with my balls a lot today and realised my swash didn't need to be tilted nearly as much as I had envisioned. ( See mmm mod) I can't say how many turns one way or the other but it's not a gnats knacker off level anyway and .......
Just flew a battery round d the room slowly and just about under control including a stop for some nose in hovering. Yaaaaaaaaaaay..

Would it be my batteries dying that would cause the tail to completely loose control in a violent piro or when I do let the tail slide out. It's as if the tail can't keep up sometimes and then tries to compensate but by that time it can be too late and I've had to hit TH. If I do it all slowly and very much under control I can piro on the spot and manoeuvre a circuit but speed up the tail movement and it looses it. ????

But I'm a happy camper to actually doing more than tail in hover with it.
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