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A couple questions Ross.

I am stuck on page 34, Receiver Outputs, Ensure all used channels are groups A-C.

I am using an REX3. I only get Group A on Throttle, and Group C on Elevator. Roll Group is blank. Pitch Yaw and Gyro Sens are N/A.

I can only change the ones that have a Group letter already.

I also do not see the Vortex when I go to Device Explorer. Jeti DS14 has the Vortex Heli.bin file and the VX1e is V4.52.

What Receiver setting do you use in the Vortex? PPM or UDI? on PPM the VX1e initializes but I have no control and the data pod does not see any inputs from the radio. On UDI it doesnt initialize.

Little help here. Completely lost.
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