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Originally Posted by Kjoeller1986 View Post
I did the firmware update to my transmitter and receiver, now they are the newest versions.

I can't get into setup mode anymore. No servos will dance for me, it did before the update.

What can i do about that? I really need help :'-(
First of all did you try to rebind your heli to the transmitter after doing the firmware updates? If not that would be the first step. I would hope that you backed up your .spm (model) files in your transmitter by exporting them to a SD card and then saving them in a folder on your laptop or other PC as sometimes a firmware upgrade can in very few instances corrupt or erase your model files, its good practice to back them up.

Which version of firmware was on your 230 S prior to updating it and did you confirm the update was successful. When you say the latest FW are you referring to V4.36 for the 230 S? Also what make model of transmitter do you have. You need to provide more detail as to what happened and what equipment you are working with in order to come up with plausible solutions.

As mentioned in the beginning .... rebind the heli to the transmitter first and then take it from there.

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