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RPM = 890 x 22.2 x 0.9 x 11T / 112T = 1746rpm at 100% towards the end of the flight, so governing to 95% would give you 1660rpm.

I would think that that would be enough rpm with a 600 size running 2 small blades. I was flying my 500 size UH-1N (2x 465mm) at 1700rpm.

I think most 2 blade 600s would run around 1500rpm (but with 600mm blades), and a 4x 600mm would run around 1350rpm.

Any reason why a A109 with 2 blades ? And more importantly, why such small blades ? Even if 4 blades, 525mm blades are still small for a 600 size - I would have thought either 4x 600mm or 4x 550mm.

Personally I like XNova motors (they make a 4025-830kV) - quieter, smoother, and cooler than Scorpion.

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