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Default Report on first use of them (on a plane)

My first report on set up the Ditex servos on my new built.

First, I love them

I usually do my own extensions the pic below shows a double connection I do for my aileron servos.
The white/red/black wires come from the outer servo which I had to extend the wire.
The white/purple/black are directly from my inner servo for which I had to modify the connection to use my double connect.
This was much easier to do than with my JR servos because the wire and strand are of a bigger gauge. Not quite as much as my extension, which is a 100 strand wire I get from taildraggerrc, but just as easy because it stays together and will not slip out of the crimp no matter how hard I pull on it.
Nice flexible twisted silicone wire wonderful for helicopter passing through anguilar spots but not fragile as some are.

Could not be simpler.
First just plug one servo and set with the computer where the zero will be no matter what type of arm you use the zero is zero once recorded. No subtrim at all. All done with 0.1 degree precision. I never had an arm so perpendicular to the servo. I cannot wait to set up a helicopter with them.
Second see how much travel you need for maximum deflection up and down taking care not to connect servo arm so you do not rip out the aileron. Input those values in the computer.
Repeat for the other servo. Done

I am still experimenting for max value if I should set it in the servo or the radio. You can also set fail safe position if you want within the servo.

Soft start of course adjustable at the speed you want.

I am just trying servo travel and current drain.

I am speechless. This is the most mechanically perfect airplane I have ever done or the Ditex servos are the best matched servos ever. Below are the reading I get throughout the range. Two different pictures with different aileron deflection, same results. I do get a transient 0.06 but even at full deflection they stay the same.

They seem to need some current at rest. With my JR at no deflection I would get a 0.00 reading, with the Ditex I still have a 0.05 reading at rest.

Did I mention slow start as slow as you want it. Great stuff

I just had to mention this too:

No buzzing from them

I really hated going to digital servos because of that buzzing.

Did I say I love them.

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