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I have the same thoughts and feelings! I also own some nitro trucks - Revo, T-Maxx and Savage XL and love to go dirty with them when I have enough of crashing and excersising new aerobatics with helis.
Mine are stock for now but there are some plans for every one of them.
I do have some question.
What do you think about reverse gear on savage XL? I find it really useful in Revo and T-Maxx but I've heard that in Savage it's not a good idea - that it won't work for long.
Second thing;
I wish to extend a T-Maxx. Right now it's 4908 version, probably. Do I have to forget about reverse gear like in savage?
I mean - I have read that the longer version has the 2-speed tranny only and like I stated above, I don't like that fact .

All of mine trucks were bought used. It was a lot of fun to make them work as they supposed to and thats the begginig only

Well that's all for now. Thanks for any clues.
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