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Originally Posted by marke View Post
i have a question-I have completed my build of my md500 with the 4 bladed head using the stock align 500--and of course i have the 1600 KV motor on it--what happens if i just lower throttle curve-what problem should i expect?

i would like to run around 1500 to 1600 Head speed.. i am running the 164 main with 12 tooth pinion on 1600 kv.. so per the calculator ill need to run at around 59% efficient..which i am sure is bad. i do have a fan on the esc will that help at all? also what about reducing cell count? go higher ma and less cells?

thank you for the help--i assuming a new motor is on the horizon..are scorpion motor bearing that bad that they need to be lubed every 5 flights?

You need an ESC (Kontronik, Scorpion, YGE, YEP) with Active Freewheeling , if you want to run at 59%.

The problem with lowering the head speed, via 59% without Active Freewheeling, is that the motor and ESC will run hotter.
The reason it will run hotter is because lower ESC voltage, to turn the motor, equals higher current draw.

Also, if you run the system at a lower cell count, your power system will just run hotter as well.

Lower voltage = higher current draw = higher ESC & motor temperatures.

You must use a lower KV motor to achieve the desired head speed, and maintain an efficient power system.
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