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Spinblades has very nice, high quality asymmetrical blades. I have had great results in my experience with them

They also have the narrowest chord I could find at 39mm for the 600mm sets.

For my 700 scale effort, like you, I wanted the square tip look and a more accurate length which is about 650mm. I asked around about cutting down some 700mm blades and had mixed opinions. After weighing the pros and cons I took the leap and cut them down.

The trick was getting them exactly the same length. I cut each blade with about 1-2mm extra from the target line then I made a rig to hold all the blades together and used a disc sander to take them down to the final length. Perfect.

Then used 3 layers of thin paper towel saturated with CA to seal the ends - light weight and sandable once dried then and a little black paint.

After many flights they are still holding up great . No signs of compromise.

1:5 BK-117 - 1:4 MD500E - 700 MD500E - 700 B222
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