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Originally Posted by georgi UK View Post
Martin hello buddy!

On it's own, the 720 D/E port is designed for power bus use which splits the 2 signals (top & middle pins) into dedicated ports by way of the jumper cable.

If you don't want to use the bus? we can do a work-around for you,,,,,,

cheers, georgi.

Hey Georgi!

I never used the power bus on any of my SKs but if you remember years back I did try to run power into that plug...and as I found out, that's not a good idea.
So IO-D/E and I have a bad history together and it would be great to understand it and make it useful.

If I can make the IO-D/E drive a servo, that would be all I need unless you tell me I need the power bus to do it right, but that would cause me to redo my harness...but if it would be an advantage I would do it.
Just trying to keep it simple, fewer connections fewer possible errors.

What would the work around be?
Thanks for the rescue!
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