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I am still missing something to allow a functional servo being driven by IO-D, or the middle pin coming out of the SK from the IO-D/E port.

I made up a simple harness with the middle pin on IO-D/E to feed the top wire or white/orange pin (signal) on my servo plug.
The other two wires, black and red from the normal servo harness are connected to a RX battery to power the servo.
Only the middle pin is connected on the SK at IO-D/E.

My DX9 has been programed to allow AUX4 output to be controlled by the "D" switch on the TX. This can be seen to function on the "monitor" screen.

What needs to be set up in the SK?
There are drop down boxes for the AUX ports available but they all have functions assigned to them that control various gain settings and GPS functions.

What's the secrete? How do I get my TX to talk with a servo other than the flight servos on my model?
I am missing something but don't know what it is...any help, I would appreciate it.
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