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Hey! This is what I (poorly?) referred to earlier. In that the SK uses internal switch-able ports. So depending on the control panel radio selection, different ports will offer different outcomes,,,,,

If you work on the logic where alphabetically > any live Tx assigned channel will then be available at the next open port. Use the channel end-points to operate,,,,,

In your case, Aux 3 or 4 is set in the control panel 'not-used' and then 'go fishing' for the 720 signal!

Start with SW-A and work towards IO-D. All signals will be upper pins apart from IO-D, and yes IO-E is the next available channel at the top pin.

So to iterate as it reads-back like a bag of crap to me! if you have occupied an open port with power etc,,,, the 720 could be sending a signal to that port and isn't aware a connector is fitted,,,,,, keep at it please!

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