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Default I have a sixth controllable servo on my Velos 880 to operate my cargo hook which I can now design and build.

The additional servo to the SK720BE is not connected to IO-D/E like I had thought it should be but it is connected to IO-B.

IO-B was my primary RX battery connection and I have a secondary RX battery connection soldered into one of my primary flight servo power leads.

All I need to do is solder the primary RX battery connection into the added servo power leads connected at IO-B and I'll be back to dual power leads into the SK and have an additional servo to play with.

So my take away from this is (and as georgi stated above) that the SK720BE is very linear in logic with it's connections.
IO-B had RX battery connections to it but the signal wire was unused.
I tried to use IO-D/E for my project but couldn't get a signal to the added servo from either D or E.
I had to back up to the next available port with open signal pin which was IO-B....AND set my channel to control this port in my DX9 to AUX3 and not AUX4 like I had earlier.

I did try to connect another operable servo to IO-D with the added servo connected to IO-B to see if I could get it to drive and I only got a slight amount of movement in the servo during initialization but that was it.
Since I have an additional servo working from IO-B my project is off and running so I will forget about IO-D/E for now.
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