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Default Velos 880 Controllable Cargo Hook

Given the Velos 880 has many possibilities for my own entertainment and learning, and given I really get a big kick out of Imagineering and creating something fun, different and possible useful for my models, I've been at it again.
I also try to keep the modification something that can be built from existing heli parts.
I unfortunately have a lot of spare parts available to me from past crash incidents where I ran out of altitude or run into a tree after running out of ideas on how not to run into either.
In months of staring at the Velos, I can't think of one thing to the existing structure that needs a mod to make it better.

So...the only thing I could do was build something for the Velos to add to its impressive abilities.
Always wanted to long line with my other models but they lacked the power and redundancy I wanted to make it fun and not stressful.

So here we go, the Velos cargo hook.
This is just a teaser photo of what I have in the works for this adventure.
The receiver for the cargo hook pin controlled by the servo will be added today to complete the working assembly.
It was great that I was able to create the cargo hook as part of the massive lower bottom plate for the landing gear, it will be super strong.

So why add the complexity of the controlling servo?
I can because its added weight to the Velos is negligible and if I ever get the load, whatever it may be, hung up in the trees surrounding my flying field it would be good to be able to "punch off the load" to get away from the snag and be able to land safely.

The neighbors cat may want to stay away. Just kidding.

Here's the start to the assembly, the rest of the photos latter...then the video of the neighbors cat at 200 feet...again just kidding, we love the cat.

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