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Originally Posted by im4711 View Post
cool project -> just came across this one.
I did lift about 50lb over a year ago with one of my machines (not using a release mechanism). I had the weight on a long steel line. Biggest issue for me was to keep the heli steady since it was windy and the weight moved around like a pendulum. It was an interesting experience. However I am not sure if I would do it again on the current helis.
The Velos has much more weight on its own so you should be better off.
I was prepared for it since I started with lower weight and increased it step by step. However I wish at the end that I had a release mechanism since the weight was pulling the heli around a bit. So try to stay calm and no hectic moves.
The weight/power factor of the Velos should be a positive influence on keeping everything in place...we'll see...again starting slow, building practice and making the rules as I go. Things get dicey I can always pickle the load.
I don't believe I would be lifting anything at the 52 pounds I tested the hook at...that would be a combined AUW of 73 pounds...the FAA would be frowning on that one so my normal max sling load will stay at 30 pounds. That will keep me just under 55 pounds

I like the advice of "stay calm and no hectic moves".
I'm normal flight is panic and hectic moves.
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