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Thanks for the beautiful long line photos Falung!
...and the tip on practicing with the long line on Heli-X. I didn't know such a thing existed, very cool.

I've been staring at my Velos with cargo hook for days now, not turning a blade and the weather has been perfect. Full scale has all my attention right now.
Gives me time to roll ideas around in my head with what it can be used for both for fun and with a meaningful purpose.

The winners for me so far with utilizing an RC heli for a purpose and fun are the fishermen using it to haul their fishing line off shore or far out in the lake, farther than they could possibly cast and drop the line in...and some with down looking cameras to see the fish before dropping the line.

There has to be many imaginative ways of using the rc heli, we just haven't thought of them yet.
...but we know it will be if I can just get some stick time and try out my creation.
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