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Originally Posted by Miracle Boy View Post
Hi Myxiplx,

I've not long got my DS-14 and I'm just messing about with it at this stage. I hooked it up the REX 3 Rx I got the other day with a VX1n, just to check that the DS-14 sees the Vortex and to check out the menus etc.

I noticed that in the device explorer > REX 3 > Output, I only see a Group (A) for the throttle channel, all the other channels are either blank or N/A and I can't change them.

Both my DS-14 and the REX 3 are using the latest FW.

I know you said that the groups don't seem to matter, but I do find it a little odd that only the throttle channel (1) seems to be in a group and everything else is seemingly unassigned or "fixed"

Having the channels grouped as A,B,C-A,B,C would seem to be an advantage to help smooth out the voltage spikes on the power bus, but since I can't change the groups.........

Any ideas?


What output mode is your REX set to (UDI, PPM, etc?).

This makes sense to me - since you are on a REX3, you have to use a single-line protocol to communicate with the FBL.

The only channel that it makes sense to separate in that scenario is the throttle. Some FBL units don't handle the throttle and want it connected directly to the receiver, and other FBLs pass the throttle through (or govern it with a sensor).

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