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Originally Posted by bazsound View Post
what lynx servos????
This is the one;

They're actually 180 CFX servos, but they do have enough torque for a 250. My feeling is they're only just above the minimum necessary, but it saves a big chunk of weight.

It was pretty involved to mount the things. I had to take the servos apart and solder new cables to use the standard plugs on my BeastX controller (sans the heavy AR7200BX case). I made CF adapter plates out of sheet stock then added CF sheet on the back of the servo arms to reinforce them. I'm using the servo savers that came with the servos and have not any problem with them jumping a tooth in normal flight. Barring a hard landing that broke the landing gear, I haven't had a crash severe enough to see if the servo savers do the job. I'm sure I will at some point though.

I'm using the all plastic servos for weight savings, but there is a metal case version as well. I think it adds like like a gram to each servo so there's not a big weight hit there. With the gearbox case being metal I imagine there would be less slop, but these servos are really good in terms of slop and action even in the plastic version. They're a lot better than the crap servos that came in the kit. Those are made by Savox and based on my experience with them I won't buy that brand again. Aside from that they're way too heavy for a 250.

I've actually got mine down to 329g all up, but I have a lot of metal parts on it like boom tail servo mounts and main bearing blocks. I've also put a larger, higher Kv motor in it which adds some weight. I rewound that one for a Kv constant of 4k. Mine started life as a Trex 250 DFC which comes with a lot of metal parts to begin with. Box stock it was already pretty heavy. The old non-DFC model that comes with a belt drive tail and plastic parts is considerably lighter out of the box.
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