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Originally Posted by Mattinfla View Post
What output mode is your REX set to (UDI, PPM, etc?).

This makes sense to me - since you are on a REX3, you have to use a single-line protocol to communicate with the FBL.

The only channel that it makes sense to separate in that scenario is the throttle. Some FBL units don't handle the throttle and want it connected directly to the receiver, and other FBLs pass the throttle through (or govern it with a sensor).

Hi Matt, Thank you for your reply

I'm using EX-BUS to the Vortex from the REX 3. I think I understand what you mean, but jaofos was seeing different results with his REX 3 connected to a Vortex. He was seeing Channels 1 - 3 as Group A,B,C (I think) and then all the other channels were either not in a group or N/A.

Would it make any difference that I was just messing about with it, so I had only the REX 3 connected to the Vortex, and power being supplied by a 4 cell ni-cad pack, so no servos or ESC were connected.

I have created a thread in the Jeti forum, but no replies thus far since it's only early morning now for you guys in the US of A.


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