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Question SD-10G trainer port PPM8 signal question

Hi Airtronics forum,

I have an SD10-G tx that I need to connect via trainer port (E.g.: pc simulator or multi-protocol module). I got that this port speaks PPM8 but I would need to know what are the min and max values I can get, actually I would need to know the endpoints. To make an example and let you understand better, here are some example of endpoint values (in red) I could find (all but not my Sanwa )

OpenTX ( 988<->2012Ás)
DEVO (1120<->1920Ás)
Spektrum (1100<->1900Ás)
HISKY (1120<->1920Ás)
Multiplex MC2020 (1250<->1950Ás)
Walkera PL0811-01H (1000<->1800Ás)

Can anyone kindly indicate what are the endpoints for the SD-10G via the PPM trainer port ? If not via the trainer port, via PWM ?

Thanks all for your help,

Stefano Falconetti.
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