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I built a 450xl with Lynx ultra frame,scorpion motor,castle esc,kst 115 cyclics, 95i rudder servo and it is great flying heli but had almost a complete stock heli in left over parts. Purchased a used ar7200bx from a helifreak member a few head parts and now have a stock 450x with a lynx frame stiffener,slant main gear and align main blades. Kind of using it as a test bed to see how smooth I can get it to fly,balanced main / tail blades put the slant / tail drive gear on a Dubro balancer and what huge difference it made on well it flyies. Have ten lipo paks so I can fly both heli's back to back so I can get ten flights in pretty quick. Don't really care about resale value maybe half of what you gave for this stuff,kind of figured that out when I got in to Heli's so I just fly them and enjoy the hell out of it. Have not forgotten how frustrating it was to learn to hover and the moment I achieved forward flight so can't really put a price tag on that.
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