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Originally Posted by AlastairC View Post
Just as an update to say that the latest firmware (v48) fixes the RPM overflow bug in Jeti. So the RPM will appear correcly. I am going to try and write a LUA app that lets you input gear ratio and poles to create a headspeed value.
This is great news especially since I have a Tribunus that just came in.

I just thaught I would share some initial feedback on it:

Let me compare it with other ESC:
Hobby wing 160A which if the Tribunus had a full casing would compare in size lengthwise but is still about 2 mm thicker.

And the Kontronik 200A which is an elephant compared to the Tribunus longer and way way much thicker.

Finally the weight:

Tribunus: 190.68g with the full wires

Hobbywing: 286.28 g with wires. I guess scorpion was wise not to incase the full ESC

Kontronik: 240.40 g but without any wires or nuts and bolts to hold down the wires.

So far the Tribunus wins hands down. I hope everything else will be as impressive. Lets see how the integration will go.

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