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Received my HT-73 today, this tool is for crimping female DuPont terminals onto 18-20AWG wire. The interesting thing is that the conductor crimp is a more traditional double D (the insulation crimp half of the die is still cylindrical however)

EDIT: after inspecting the HT-95 the I can see that conductor side of the crimp is actually a double D that swages the crimp barrel tightly around the conductor. If you look closely at the conductor crimp under a loupe you will see that it has a folded under seam running up the center of the tube. With the HT-73 the crimp is larger for the bigger wire so the double D is more apparent.

Front of the tool, note the cylindrical die. I have no idea what that knob does and I'm not going to experiment with it. It could be just a fastener to hold the die in place (the HT-95 has a similar looking knob on the pin loading mechanism that is just a fastener)

Back of the tool, note the double D die on this side. You can also see the back of the pin loading device. Unlike the HT-95 which has a spring loaded tracked mechanism with a pair of pins for holding the terminals that is pressed forward while loading this tool has a fixed device with a square hole that the terminal box is inserted into and this makes loading them a bit trickier. It may be that there is some tool for loading the terminals, I just grab one of the insulation wings with needle nose pliers and stick it in (it needs a slight bit of force). You could probably make some 3D printed doodad for this.

Hansen 20AWG sillicone servo wire on the left and generic 20AWG Turnigy brand sillicone wire on the right. The Hansen stuff has a slightly larger conductor and a slightly smaller diameter jacket. The sillicone also seems a little denser. I tried yanking out the crimps with pliers and was unable to get it to budge. I had to step on the wire and pull with both hands and the wire broke first leaving the crimped strands inside still inside the terminal.
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