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"can you explain how one would do such a voltage drop test? sounds like a great way to verify that a crimp is acceptable before we take flight" = blue92ehsi

Well sure. Just run say 2.5 Amps through a connector pin pair. Take a small sewing needle and poke through the insulation on each side. Connect a VOM on the millivolt scale. Also try an equal distance of plain wire. This give you the insertion loss - connectors in line vs. just wire. To get 2.5 Amps use your charger set to 2.5 Amps and insert the test pins in line with a battery lead. Could use a regulated lab power supply if you have one but everyone has a charger. Ohm's law V=IR. Example, you run 2.5 Amps through a pin pair and measure 10 millivolts drop. Then the crimp/pin resistance is R=V/I = 0.010/2.5 = 0.004 Ohms or 4 milliohms - good.

You can do just a single crimp by touching the needles on each side of the crimp - say end of pin and one in the wire.

Ace Dude, this is the same as bridge IR testing.
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