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I would LOVE to see the mcpx v2 make a return. Same heli with maybe a bit more power (2s using the old BL batteries would be perfect). I've had a couple BL's and I loved the power but wasn't a fan of it's 3-in-1. Both the fact that it burned out quickly and randomly, as well as the way it flew. I always found the BL twitchy and a bit disconnected feeling, whereas the mcpx v2 felt waaay better to me.

Basically, I'm looking for something to beat the snot out of in my backyard that has the same crash resiliency of the mxcp v2. Add S.A.F.E. if you must, but being crash resilient is a much bigger priority to me.

I understand that post purchase crash parts are part of any heli company's business model, but I think Blade could find much, much better materials/plastics to produce their parts with. All of the Blade plastic I've experienced has been very poor quality.

A new mcpx with built with high quality materials would be a huge winner in my book. I think (hope) many others would agree!

Thanks for listening!
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