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A newer version of the 450x that has the ar7210bx or equivalent fitted with the "oops" feature and stability mode.

Must have belt drive tail and preferably fairly parts compatible with either the 360CFX or older 450x.

The heli would run on cheap 2200mAh 3s LiPos which are common and used in many other RC models so would make it more attractive to people who do not really want to sped hundreds of dollars on batteries that only fit one model.

Also a range of reasonable quality fuses to make scale helis.
The fuses do not need to be very cheap and nasty like others that have been offered as I suspect those who would be interested would prefer quality.

My thinking here:

Many people have 450x/4503d in various conditions and LOTS of spares.
The hard core 3D people are buying kits while we, the ones who like to fly but have more than one off day, are a bit limited.
I really like my 230s and 250CFX and also like my 450x but the smaller get more attention because they have the "oops" function.
In actual fact I have never used this function but I have on more than one occasion gone back to stability mode when I have had a close call. It gives me a few seconds to regroup and let the adrenaline dissipate.

Now I know not everyone is like me but there are bazillions of hard core options available from every supplier but only HH make helis suitable for beginners with an upgrade path.

This is a proven system. When I was learning to fly I did my ab initio in a Cherokee and an Archer. From there I went to an Arrow, Seneca then Navaho before leaving the Piper fold and moving on.
Other schools were Cessna with 172/182/206/310 etc.
It worked well. Each step was like the previous but with a bit more performance and more complex operation.

Right now HH have a lineup of MSRs/Nano, 120s/130s, 230s/250CFX with a big gap to 270CFX & 360CFX.

I believe the 325CFX (made up name) would bridge that gap.
Blade 130s, 230Sv2, 250cfx, Nano CPS &, 450x, Trex 450 DFC & 470LP, Logo 550, Stretched Mini Protos, Stretched Gaui X3

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