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Originally Posted by Atomic Skull View Post
The non polarized three position housing is MOLEX 50-57-9003

Overall this connector family seems superior to Mini-PV for our application, there even seems to be reasonably priced budget tools specifically designed for it. The only problem would be the shroud around the male connector, on the Molex SL it just has bare male pins in the same housing. However the three position non polarized housing might fit in a Futaba type or universal shroud (not a JR type though due to the bevels at the corners) The housing also seems to be slightly longer than the Mini-PV one though I can't be sure. It's designed to mate with 0.1 pin strips though so it should work.

50-57-9003 is part of the Molex SL family.

With all the hassle of finding contacts, housings, and crimp tools that work together I'd probably just pick a known system (e.g., Molex SL) with readily available components and stick with it.

I have some genuine Anderson Power crimp tools I purchased 12+ years ago. They were expensive, but no more guessing or worrying about finding the right contacts/housings, and every crimp comes out perfect.

Shame many of these smaller contacts don't support 20AWG.
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