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Something for the non-3D crowd maybe?

+1 on some scale fuselage kit options. Nothing super fancy, semi-scale? The 180 CFX has lots of power - it will be able to carry a scale fuselage nicely. Maybe even a 180 CFX scale mechanics version, like the Century Swift scale mechanics that was discontinued a few years ago. Hirobo offers scale fuselages for their 180-sized Quark helis, but they're ridiculously expensive, as are their helis.

The 180 CFX flies very well at lower RPMs and seems to be a great candidate for a semi-scale line of helis. The torque tube tail is a great design for scale models. Since scale helis 'usually' don't crash too often these beauties would be flying around for a long time. Larger scale models can only (typically) be flown at RC fields or big open areas but these little versions would be making their appearances in parks or back-yards where they'd get more exposure and possibly entice more people into RC helis ...

Or maybe a kit-version of the 180 CFX. Then those who are learning could also benefit from being able to build one from the ground up. Thunder Tiger offered build options in the manual for their Mini-Titans so the builder could create a more docile trainer or a hopped up performance machine. Then come back at any-time to reconfigure as skills or desires change.

Of course combine the above with applicable improvements and/or fixes that you're getting as feedback. Reasonable prices though, please

All this has obviously been done before, but the 180 CFX seems like a really good larger-micro-sized base platform and would be welcome to many now that a lot of the others have disappeared or are dropping off in favor of quads/multi-rotors.


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