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Default DX8 gen 2 range issues

Any one else with a bad DX8?

I thought I had a servo fail on my OXY 3 but it was a brownout. I then went to fly my Alien quad and at 30 feet away dropped out of the sky. I , replaced receiver and range tested same thing, then different Quad. At 20 to 30 feet I have signal loss my radio a less than a year old. The is the 2nd dx8 that has failed on me. a 1st gen and now this 2nd gen is going back to HH.
It really sucks this is because repairs are not cheap.
I may have to lower my standards and buy a FrSky Taranis as most of the Quad guys fly them with better range. I have tried them but, they feel very cheap and the gimbals are really bad.
I hope HH takes care of my radio. As once again I eat the cost of repairs on my Oxy3. The quad only had 1 bad prop.
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