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Originally Posted by Four Stroker View Post
Some aftermarket battery guys do 18 AWG. Atomic, are any of these crimpers intended for solid wire ?
Not sure but I doubt it, there might be some specific housing for 18 AWG. I did some test crimps with the HT-73 on 20AWG silicone wire with Hansen terminals and I had to stand on it and pull with both hands to break it (the wire broke off and the strands stayed with the terminal. I also found the wire much easier to get into the housing than with 20AWG crimped on the HT-95 because the insulation crimp didn't bulge as much. It slid in with a bit of coaxing instead of having to be pushed in with a tool.

The post is here if you missed it:

Originally Posted by Four Stroker View Post
Atomic has provided a long list of crimpers to look for used. If anyone is really interested in making their own, buy one of these. You have to buy pins and shells that go together! If anyone ever gets around to testing some Hansen Hobbies crimps, I am sure they will be seriously disappointed.
The Hansen wire and terminals are excellent however.

You are right about JR type housings having a slightly wider back end than Futaba or generic DuPont housings. I bet JR gear uses rows of three pin strips set slightly apart to compensate for this. So I'd avoid the JR type housings and get either Futaba type or plain DuPont housings (unless you have actual JR gear) The plain DuPont housings (Hansen sells these as "Universal" housings) will fit Futaba gear just fine, they have the same dimensions but lack the polarization tab.
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