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For those interested in the cargo hook idea.
I haven't had any time to fly and play with the hook more than dropping the sky divers but I have thought about it a lot.

At this time I only have the one cargo hook slot.
The servo has plenty of stroke so having a dual cargo hook release would certainly be doable.
I have mine controlled by a three position switch on the TX which means I have an unused switch position.

The only thing I would need to do to set up the second hook would be to add another aluminum plate to the stack up to create another cargo hook slot for the second load.

So what would this be useful tell me, that's part of the fun.
With two cargo hook slots you could drop two loads, one at a time at different intervals or you could use one hook to activate or control some sort of action.
An example would be to tow a flag for the opening of a heli event and with the second hook release, control the opening of doors in a box to drop confetti while in flight over the flag. That would look pretty cool. You get the idea, the second hook opens up many possibilities.
Back to building.
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