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Originally Posted by Indokast View Post
Mcpx v3!

You all need an answer to the xk k110. Everyone recommends that as a trainer.
Not a bad idea at all. I had a k120 and it flew far better than any Blade ultra-micro I've ever had and I've had several of them. But, it had that darned brushed tail. I'll never buy another heli, plane or multi-rotor with brushed motors. I liked the k120 well enough, but I abandoned it when I finally crashed it so much that it somehow became retarded and just wouldn't fly right. It lost all piro compensation, so away it went. Mainly because of the brushed tail and I don't like having to use a secondary toyish TX. Make something like that with dual brushed motors, excellent flight characteristics/durability and Spektrum compatible and I might consider buying another Blade heli. Maybe...
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