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I have tested 4 heli's and 3 quads with all very similar results in two different places. I did a range test with full power not in low range test power( less than 30 to 40 feet) dropped out.My quads are setup as shoe glue where it comes out so they will not break off then run in tube with the last 2.5 inches showing 1 is at 90 and the other is at 45. If it was 1 model I would chase the BEC but, and after testing heli's and quads that have worked fine till know points me to the radio. It was bought on Aug never drop and well taken care of. I'm more concerned that if they find the issue that it happens again. My first radio two years ago cost me a high dollar Heli. This time very little damage but, I'm not made of money. If I crash it's on me if my equipment fails time after time it makes me think it's time for a change in equipment. I just want to know how many other people have issues. What are the odds two radios within a two year time frame both had RF boards go. That tells me they thier is an issue.
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