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1. An Align 150X killer. From what I have read the 130S is not that. I think Blade has taken on the immensely popular 230S and started to trickle that design into other models. The 130S was supposed to be the small 230S but I think that was not completely achieved. Now I do not own any of these models (I did own a 230S though) so just going off from what I read on the forums. But definitely a backyard even indoor heli.

2. Get back on the Oxy 2 battle. The 180CFX has been discontinued and now that size niche has been taken over by the Oxy 2. The 180CFX was hugely popular on the intermediate to advanced crowd which is the same one that is building Oxy 2's right now.

3. A 230S v2. The issues of it right out of the box are very well documented on the forums. To me this is the very best starter heli anywhere. It has fixed length blade linkages, Blade sells the right size servo to swash linkages and they even sell the full head assembly (which should be better promoted, it's hard to find). With these features, someone can learn how to fly and not necessarily how to fix. Awesome concept. The 250CFX to me is just the bling version of the 230.

4. I really want a Blade 360CFX again. Amazing little heli. Size is perfect, power is huge, weight makes it fly really well. Just change the servo casing to metal to avoid Loctite corrosion, route the servo wires better to avoid removing the FBL plate on servo maintenance and you have a perfect mid-level micro heli. Of course, revamp with AR7210 as well like the Trio. So a 360CFX v2.

5. The 270CFX also seems to be a great out-of-the-box heli, a good contender to the Oxy 3 even with the proper setup. There is a user here that tweaked his to higher headspeed and could be compared to the Oxy 3. Yes, the Oxy is a kit heli but for the price with improved performance is well worth the money with slight performance increase.

6. Going back to nano class, a K110 killer.

So I agree Blade doesn't really need more models but a revamp of their line seeing the competition so that both newbies and experienced pilots take Blade as a viable alternative. Man I really want a 360 CFX again!
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