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Although the 360 is not a beginner heli, it might be the first heli of that size for people coming from Blades that are easier to fix. That was me, coming from a 200 SRX jumping to a 360 CFX then going down to a 230 S then another 360 CFX. What I am saying is that build and flight skills for a 360 CFX pilot may not be as well developed.

So it took me several disintegrated servo cases to find out myself. I ended up installing KST 215 servos instead as I was tired of that issue.

Which brings me to even though Blades are usually RTF or BNF a downloadable PDF with maintenance/build instructions would be great. The exploded components view just doesn't cut it.

Originally Posted by Mike680 View Post
That's improper thread locker application technique on their part since it's pre-built, not necessarily a bad design. When one needs to reinstall a servo, don't put thread locker on the bolt and push it through the servo tab. Use a toothpick and poke a tiny bit into the holes of the frame part and wipe off any excess on the surface before installing the servo. I have helis with plastic servo cases bolted right to aluminum frame parts with zero issues and that includes a 180CFX, which was especially known to have this "problem". One of the first things I did was pull the servos, clean up everything and reinstall and that was before the first crash.
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