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I'd love to see Blade move away from the models that compete with some of the more higher end brands. The 270 and 360 are great helis, but they just don't sell. They costs too much and are way too much heli for your target customer.

I'd love to see the 300x and 450x return with updates. Throw some better canopies on, skids with a little rake, bright blades. Keep the plastic frames! Both were lightweight and reliable with the right servos. As awesome as the BeastX is, I think you should concentrate on value. Throw the AR636 on there with the new metal gear servos, let people upgrade the FBL on their own if they want. Skip the battery and charger business but offer bundles for those that need the "help."

Price the 300 at $239 and the 450 at $279. They'll sell faster than hotcakes. Keep upgrading but share as many old parts as you can. That builds incredible brand loyalty.
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