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Originally Posted by toadiscoil View Post
On a separate but related note, I would like Spektrum to upgrade their AR6600T to support bidirectional SRXL. This is because iKon/Brain came up with telemetry functionality for helicopters but the 4649T seems to have issues above 7.4v which make them unusable for big helis.

The natural progression out of Blade is into kit models. This user is highly likely using a Spektrum radio to fly their heli and will continue to do so. The ability of a new feature like telemetry will boost the use of Spektrum radios. Some pilots ditch Spektrum and sell off their remaining Blade helis swapping radio platforms to have such features. So in the greater scheme of things it makes a lot of sense.
Ummm...going to have to disagree there. Blade's target customer could give a crap about telemetry. Maybe a dumbed down battery indicator on the radio. How many times do we have people popping into the forum just perplexed as to how to even bind or setup a radio.

Newbies want it to look cool, but be simple, reliable and cheap.
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