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Originally Posted by yakky View Post
Yes, it's not your own design, who cares, it's an amazing heli.
Horizon/Blade is actually already okay with that. Several of their Blade branded quads come from other manufacturers. I just recently picked up a Blade Vortex 250 Pro that's actually an ImmersionRC quad. The only difference is the green body panel plastic and green props and they put a Spektrum quad receiver on it. Everything else is exactly the same as the ImmersionRC original version. Same for the "Blade" Vortex 150 Pro. They've done it with rebranded Yuneec quads, too. Interestingly, Horizon's top E-flight designer, Mike McConville, just quit not too long ago and went to work for Yuneec. Lots of their airplanes are designed and made by FMS, Dynam, etc.
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