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Besides the mcpx v3.. i would also be a fan of a new version of the 300x (one of my favorite helis of all time) and the 450x (which I am currently looking into building my own).

Both were popular models and could use a few tweaks. Metal gear servos, a stronger plastic frame, stronger raked landing gear. Better tabs to screw landing gear into that doesnt break off. A metal belt pully on main shaft. Ar7210 bx or something. Metal center hub. Slant gears maybe. Make safe easy to shut off for us advanced pilots bc that is just annoying other than bailout. Good for beginners, horrible for more experienced pilots.

Also.. keep the 180cfx and 360cfx available as a 2 blade option. I am considering picking up a 180cfx again but if the 3 blade head is only option available I am not sure I would want one. Mainly bc flight times are already short and a 3 blade head sucks more juice.

I think it would be best to take what has sold best in the past and continue to improve on it. This also does wonders for your spare parts market.

I still think a solid, reliable, robust mcpx v3 that can top the xk k110 for us spektrum fans would be a hit. Im not a fan of the nano cps and blade 130s is so tail heavy that it kinda sucks and flight times suck unless throwing in a huge battery which makes the tail drift all over. 130s 300mah flight time really stinks. An 800mah 230s battery works great for flight times but the tail cant be trusted then.

Even a re-release of a torque tube130x would be awesome if you could upgrade the tail box and pitch slider and knock out vibes and maybe include a rotary tail servo that works well. I like the old 130x better than the horrible cog 130s.

I think the mcpx v3 is the best place to develop a good new hot selling heli. Make it brushed and brushless versions. Brushed is good indoors or for beginners. Brushless main and tail will be a hot item for outside and more experienced pilots. If you have to choose one, def the brushless tho. And design it so every small crash isnt going to rip the wires out of the tail motor. Better connections to main board help too.. for tail motor. I would like a bailout feature with it. I dont need safe.. i dont think any experienced pilots want anything other than bailout. And a good piro comp. Making main board more robust in crashes will help, ive had issues with mine after 3 flights when i got it stuck in a tree. Never worked right again.

You have two target audiences, noobs and experienced pilots. Make it easy to shut off safe without us wasting our idle ups on it and that will help intrigue more experienced pilots.
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